Hi there, this is Dave… Dave Steen.

I’m a 58 year old survivalist, who has been in the survival game most of my life. Actually, I got started in high school; 41 years ago.

Back then, the big threat was the Soviet Union. The United States, as the leader of the free world and communist Russia were staring eyeball to eyeball over a whole bunch of nuclear missiles. It wasn’t a comfortable time to be growing up. At the most, we’d get 30 minutes notice if Washington and Moscow pushed the button…

30 minutes between life and death.

I lived just up the hill from the Federal Center in Denver, Colorado. That was supposed to be the nation’s second capital, so it was a target. The problem was, if they went after the Federal Center, they’d get us as well. Even if we weren’t caught in the blast radius, the thermal pulse and hurricane-strength winds would have killed us. I had 30 minutes; that’s all.

Fortunately, where we lived and where I went to school were on the front side of the first ridge of the Rocky Mountains. I had timed it, and I could make it to the back side of that ridge in 20 minutes. So, if I actually got those 30 minutes of notice, I could make it to safety.

There was just one problem; while my buddies and I had a plan to get away and even knew where we could go to hide out in the mountains, we really didn’t know how to survive. Oh, we pretended we did, like any group of teen-age guys would; but we didn’t. It didn’t matter how macho we decided we were, we probably would have died.

survival outfit

That’s when I started studying

I decided that I needed to know how to survive and I was going to learn whatever I had to, so that I could do just that. If we were going to be the only ones to survive nuclear war, I didn’t want to starve to death afterwards.  So I started on a journey that has lasted 41 years.

After graduating from high school, I joined the Army

No, I wasn’t Special Forces or anything sexy like that. I was an artillery officer. But I learned a lot of good things to add to my survival skills. Every soldier and every officer learns basic infantry skills, because when all else fails, you’ve still got to fight off the enemy. So, I learned. I joined the pistol team and learned to shoot. I learned a lot from a couple of sergeants I had too, ones who had been snake eaters.

I became an engineer

Serving in the military got me into college and I became an engineer; a very successful engineer I might say. I built a lot of things in my engineering career, learning what worked and what didn’t. I always had a workshop at home, so I’d tinker in the evenings and on weekends; and I kept studying survival.

Now I’m retired. I was offered early retirement from my company and I took it. I’m older, fatter and more nearsighted than I was when I was younger; but I can still shoot a 1″ group at seven yards. With all that I’ve learned, I figure I can take care of my family, no matter what might come my way.

fire escape plan

Have I survived disasters?

Yes, I have. I’ve been snowed in, been trapped in golfball sized hail and I’ve lived through hurricanes. Once I was lost in the mountains; had my car go off the road in a blizzard and had to survive until they opened the road back up again. I’ve had people try to rob me and others break into my home. Each time, I came out on top. So, when I talk about surviving, I’m talking from my experience. This isn’t just something I researched on the internet, this is something I have lived and still live, each and every day of my life. The devices that I make are ones that I use. The books that I write, talk about things I’m doing myself. This is about as real as it gets.

That’s where you come in

Few people today know the things I’ve learned through my years. So I decided to share it. Rather than sit on my porch or go fishing, I’m working for you. I’m making devices for survival, testing out theories and writing about what works. I figure there are a lot of others out there, just like me, who want to take care of their families too. I hope to help them do just that.

This website has a couple of hundred articles I’ve written.

It also has some of my books.

Each is written with the idea of saving lives… your life, I hope, and those of your family as well.

Take advantage of it and don’t let my years of study go to waste.

Dave Steen

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